NYPL: The L stands for LOVE

The New York Public Library is blowing. my. mind.

Did you know that you can ask for any book, and they will deliver it to a building mere blocks from your apartment? For free?!?

They give you three weeks to finish the book and bring it back to them. Consider this time limit a feature - it shouldn’t take a month to read the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel. Urgency is bliss.

(alright, alright - don’t worry if you can’t complete the book. These crazy people will let you keep it longer… for free!)

Their website is well designed, and works as expected. You can borrow 50 books at a time. They also have comic books. And audiobooks. And movies. And every book ever published.

Did I mention that it’s run by the government? Can this get any better?!

The one problem is that you’re forced to borrow paper books. As a dedicated digital reader, this is quite an issu- huh? What’s that? The NYPL allows you to borrow thousands of eBooks from their collection? They download directly to your Kindle/iPad/iPhone? For free?!

Get a NYPL card and live happier. Magic does exist.